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Our products are created to bring people together. We in Wik & Walsøe want our products to be a natural part of everyday life and all of life’s small moments.

Gathering around a beautifully laid table is the very heart of our Christmas traditions.
Do you know the elves? The elf symbolizes dreams, hope and the belief in making the impossible possible.
The majestic stag adorns this popular tableware.

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Inspired by nature

Join us behind the scenes as we design this spring’s novelty: tableware inspired by Scandinavian nature, new generations, and lasting value.

Designstudio Wik & Walsøe

Our philosophy is about taking care of what we have been given and managing it well, so that we can pass it on with pride. For us, high-quality products help create sentimental and lasting value. With this philosophy as a ground pillar, we want to inspire a mindset where it is the small actions that can help make a big difference.

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Christmas memories are the heartwarming ties that bring us together. It's the nostalgic tune that...
Every year, the magical moment when the Christmas ornaments are carefully unpacked from their box...
With the bone china dinnerware Julemorgen, Wik & Walsøe share personal Christmas memories, all the...
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