Tableware and Giftware
The stag’s magical powers

The majestic stag characterizes the popular tableware Alveskog (Elf’s forest). Stags have played an important role in nordic mythology through the years; their beauty and strength is fascinating, magical and empowering.

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The Alveskog tableware brings nature to the table. It consists of a wide range of pieces produced in high-fired feldspar.

Alveskog vase moss

GIFTWARE, TABLEWARE AND GLASSWARE: Alveskog consists of both a gift collection, a tableware and a set of crystal glasses. Design/photo: Linda S. Walsøe

The china is characterized by its whiteness, beautiful glossy glaze, translucency and pure surface.

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Alveskog mug jug servingbowl portrait

THE HANDLE: The Alveskog mug has the classical and popular handle, easy to grip and hold on to. Photo: Siren Lauvdal // Staging: Kråkvik D’Orazio

Maintenance and care

All Wik & Walsøe china, eg. Alv, Alveskog, Whitewood and Woodstock, is oven, microwave and freezer safe. Do not, however, take a dish straight from the oven and put it into a cold, wet surface or put it on steel. Do not put a dish straight into a hot oven from the freezer.

Wik & Walsøe porcelain items can be washed in the dishwasher.

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The Norwegian design studio Wik & Walsøe was established in 2006. In only a few short years they managed to make their mark as a distinctive new voice within fine porcelain and glass production. Wik & Walsøe is now a major brand in the Norwegian and Scandinavian market, and their products are sold in selected stores internationally. In 2013 Wik & Walsøe were awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the year prize by Innovation Norway. In 2016 Wik & Walsøe celebrate their tenth anniversary.