New glass series Skog
Autumn 2018
Autumn 2018

A strong connection to nature, high quality products and longevity are the core values of Wik & Walsøes design philosophy. With the launch of the hand blown glass series Skog (Forest) – the design studio returns to its roots.

Upon entering the woods, one seldom knows exactly what to expect. We can head down the well-trodden path, or we can choose to make our own path into the unknown; letting the branches protect and embrace us, revelling in the changing moods of the forest. From the earthy scent of the spring awakening to the frosty breath of winter, the forest is our haven of peace and tranquillity.

The warmth of the woods

The warm brown colour that characterizes the new hand blown glass series Skog from the design studio Wik & Walsøe, is the natural shade of pine cones and bark. A tall slender carafe stretches its head towards the sky, majestically crowned by its glass top. Generous stemmed glasses partner it perfectly. The simple shape of the tree is put on a pedestal, and can be filled with treats when you remove the top. A bonbonniere is a wonderful host for sweets, while a beautifully shaped bowl welcomes the dessert. The series is hand blown, and stands well on its own, but the warm colour is also an elegant addition to the classic tableware series Woodstokk or Alveskog.

Stemmed glasses, 2 pack
Stemmed bowl in the shape of a tree

Download high res pictures of the Skog series here.


The Norwegian design studio Wik & Walsøe was established in 2006. In only a few short years they managed to make their mark as a distinctive new voice within fine porcelain and glass production. Wik & Walsøe is now a major brand in the Norwegian and Scandinavian market, and their products are sold in selected stores internationally. Wik & Walsøe aim to design products that resonate with people, and have lasting sentimental value. In 2013 Wik & Walsøe were awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the year prize by Innovation Norway.  In 2016 Wik & Walsøe celebrated their tenth anniversary.