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A new type of imprint
A new type of imprint

The everyday can be an uncontrollable animal, and no matter the effort, aspects of stress and hectic schedules has a tendency to slip into our lives. Although we don’t have the (ultimate) cure, we do have techniques to cope; ways to use small details to enrich our everyday surroundings, which hopefully can contribute to lower shoulders and a more comfortable heart rate—because when it comes down to it; our surroundings mirrors who we are, and how we feel like.

Together with Norwegian tableware designer Wik&Walsøe, and interior architect Sabine Bolstad, we spent a day exploring how the right details makes the whole difference.

Breakfast in bed

Use textiles to create a cosy atmosphere. Decorate the bed with cushions and blankets in different linen and wool materials, and wrap yourself in a robe and a pair of wool socks. Serve breakfast on a wooden trencher—it looks nice and you don’t spill coffee in the bed.

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Use a nice table cloth, but set the table more casual. Set the food on plates or on a wooden trencher. Decorate with small flowers instead of a large bouquet—it creates a more laid-back atmosphere.

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Cooking by the counter

It is common to want the kitchen to be clean and neat, but I find it charming when it’s a bit chaotic. Use the tableware as decoration on the counter or make a still life with fruits and vegetables. Invest in pretty kitchen towels and kitchen cloths—it creates a nice and warm atmosphere.

February 14, 2018
Made in collaboration with Wik&Walsøe
Editorial created by A New Type of Imprint
Photography by Andris Søndrol Visdal
Styling by Sabine Bolstad Werkstatt Oslo

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Pizza on the couch

Decorate your living room table with candles and some green plants in a vase, and the couch with blankets and big, soft cushions. Personally I use a lot of textiles as it creates a cosy and personal atmosphere, and it’s easy to redecorate by the seasons. During winter you can for example use warm and dark colours, while at spring I recommend lighter and fresher tone.

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I like to fill the house with a lot of plants and flowers, it makes it feel more alive. Decorate with plants in the bedroom and bathroom as well as on the dining table. Use small vases with fresh flowers.

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