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Are made

Porcelain production

Precious feldspar comprises pure raw materials such as quartz, feldspar and kaolin (white burning clay). It is called refined bedrock and it is known as “white gold”. The porcelain is 100% dense, very hygienic and will never craze. The porcelain is characterized by its whiteness, beautiful shiny glaze, transparency and pure sound.

From the production process starts of a Wik & Walsøe item to it sees the light, it is fired from 2 to 4 times at various temperatures up to 1,400 degrees. Natural materials, high firing temperatures and industrious craftsmen are needed to produce beautiful, shiny and translucent porcelain. Natural materials and high temperatures create challenges in the production. Iron and metals in the raw materials and the deformation of the furnace, are frequent causes of degraded production. About 20% – 40% of each production are classified as B-care, and sorted out before packaging.

Since porcelain is not a precise material (such as plastic or steel) and everything is handmade, the china will always have variations in shape and color. That is the reason each and every Wik & Walsøe item is unique.

Wik & Walsøe series, eg. Alv, Alveskog, Whitewood, Woodstokk and Rustikk, are made of precious feldspar porcelain.


Wik & Walsøe’s porcelain is tested for lead, cadmium and barium in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Scandinavia and the EU. All decoration colors are tested in relation to the environment, wear and tear.

Crystal glass is produced with new technology methods allowing lead-free glass of very high glossiness, clarity and timbre.

Bone China

Bone china consists of kaolin (white burning clay) and 49,5 % ash from bone. This mixture provides a stunning translucency and a shiny and precious look. Bone China is 100% dense and therefore will never craze. Tableware in bone china is tableware for the big occasions. Some of our bone china series are decorated with real gold and platinum, and therefore are not microwave oven safe.

Wik & Walsøe series, eg. Lys, Fnugg, Slåpe Rosa, Snø and Julemorgen are made of precious bone china.

Decor techniques

In-glaze decoration: The decor is laid over the glaze and fired at 1260 degrees. The high temperature makes the colors melt into the glaze and is extremely durable and glossy. The series Alv, Alveskog, Whitewood, Woodstokk, and Rustikk are decorated with this technique to achieve the highest possible durability.

Over-glaze decoration: The decor is laid over the glaze and fired at approximately 880 degrees. The decor melts partially into the glaze. Gift collections Elf, Alveskog and Alvedrøm are decorated with this technique to achieve the great contrast between the glossy white porcelain and the matt metallic colors of the decor.



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