The story
Wik & Walsøe
Wik & Walsøe

Once upon a time there were two Norwegian designers who had a vision of creating a beautiful and welcoming design universe, inspired by Scandinavian nature, culture and mythology.

They left their jobs in the design industry, and launched a debut collection of fine porcelain to great acclaim.

Today the design studio Wik & Walsøe is a force to be reckoned with in the Scandinavian design industry. Wik & Walsøe products resonate with people, and have lasting sentimental value.
Alveskogen Wik & Walsøe

Scandinavian nature

At the heart of Wik & Walsøe lies a strong connection to nature, to quality and sustainability. Our core value is to create long-lasting products with the least possible environmental impact. We work with pure and natural materials, and lead-free colours. We choose to work very closely with craftspeople in Asia and Europe, master artisans who share our beliefs and values.

Scandinavian Nature by Wik & Walsøe

INTO THE WOODS: Take a walk with us into the Scandinavian woods and be inspired // Photo: Siren Lauvdal. Staging: KråkvikD’Orazio

Walk with us, into the woods

Open your eyes – and heart – to the magical, mystical shapes and forms that rise above. Admire the branches that stretch towards the sky, embracing the chill of the Nordic air. Listen to the beating pulse of Mother Nature; follow her rhythm further into the forest.

Discover the beauty of this natural and creative playground. Be inspired.