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«How can a small Scandinavian design studio contribute to change people’s attitudes towards what we surround ourselves with? Is it even possible..?»

Founder designer Linda Svedal Walsøe

Our philosophy: to take care of..

How can a small Scandinavian design studio contribute to change people’s attitudes towards what we surround ourselves with – is it even possible..? For Wik & Walsøe, ‘to take care of’ is the most important thing we do.​​

One day our children and grandchildren will inherit what we surround ourselves with, therefore we must take good care of it. We try to think as the farmer has always thought; you must hand over what you have received in a slightly better condition than how you received it. And how can we do that..?​​

Our philosophy is about taking care of the resources we have been given, and taking care of them, so that we can pass it on with pride. For us, high-quality products help create long lasting value. With this philosophy at our heart, we want to inspire to a mindset where it is the small actions that can help make a big difference. 

Inspired by nature and everyday moments

Wik & Walsøe is a Norwegian design studio that creates porcelain and glass products. The inspiration is bound from our deep respect for the untamed Scandinavian nature. The earth and the ocean that we only have on loan, which we must take gentle care of and pass on to the next generation.

Our products are designed to bring people together. Informal is probably the best word to describe the atmosphere we always strive for – whether it’s a modern or a traditional tableware we create. We want our products to be a natural part of everyday life and all of life’s small, treasurable moments.

Our story

Wik & Walsøe started as a business plan written on a bench in the garden. Since our start in 2006, we have managed to make our mark as a distinctive new voice within Scandinavian design with fine porcelain and glass. We have become a universe of our own, with products that are already considered design classics.

From the garden bench, the journey went to a simple barracks in Fredrikstad, south-east in Norway, where we launched our debut collection with great success.

Already from the beginning, we chose the Alv as our symbol, because it symbolizes the dream, the hope, and the belief in making the impossible possible. Because that’s how our story began – a dream to build a new Norwegian brand that – with time – turned out to be a universe for Alv, dreams, and memorable moments.

We wanted to design collections that could stand the test of time and would be passed on to new generations. Today, many years later, we still have the same philosophy when we design and shape products: high quality and long lasting value.

You won't get first by following other people's footsteps

Founder and designer Linda Svedal Walsøe
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