Our values

To us, high quality is a matter of course. The term reflects so much more than a products durability or lifespan – that is just the beginning.

High quality

Beneath the surface lies a philosophy and a dream to make a difference and to create products that can live for generations. It’s about being dedicated to, and having passion for, our work, our process, and our products. We create products inspired by Scandinavian nature. Products that we really want to be a natural part of all the small moments in everyday life – now – and also in the future.

Lasting value

For us at Wik & Walsøe, it is important to create something more than durable tableware. We want to create products that you want to use often, but also products that you want to take care of. We want to create products that are with you both on grey and sunny days, on wonderful celebrations and in a peaceful morning.

We want to create products that one day will be passed on to the next generation. That your next of kin really want to inherit – because this cup, this plate or this bowl is filled with the memories of time – memories that live on withthe products.

We like to think about the special moments that take place around the table, and the porcelain that the table is set with – what it can be a part of. We have a thought that the porcelain captures these moments, and the next time you set the table, the good memories will be brought back. This is maybe the reason why we bring out the same cups and plates, time after time. Is it perhaps these moments that give us lasting value?

Take care of nature

To us, Scandinavian nature is pure, quiet, and untouched – it is a part of our everyday life. It is the nature that we want to take care of and manage well. One day our children and grandchildren will take over our everyday lives – it is our responsibility to pass on our surroundings, in a slightly better condition that we know it.

Whether you are setting the table for everyday life or a special occasion, we wish for our porcelain to be the start of meaningful conversations about the importance of protecting the nature of which we all are a part of. Our contribution in Wik & Walsøe are based on the choice of materials, production methods, colours, and patterns – where everything follows the rhythm of nature.

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