At Wik & Walsøe we have always strived to create collections that can stand the test of time, and that are a part of our everyday life. Everyday life now, and the everyday life that will come. In our philosophy we also have a vision to contribute where it is needed the most.

When we established Wik & Walsøe in 2006, we made a choice to have our production in a country where money for food on the table is not a certainty. We travelled to Bangladesh.

Ever since, we have spent a lot of time in the porcelain factory to create and shape our unique expression, in collaboration with people that have become dear colleagues. We have gotten to know skilled people with professional pride and competence. People that have shared with us their knowledge and life experiences. They have let us take part in a reality where our everyday problems fades. They have taught us to see the world that we live in from a humble point of view. The have nurtured the phrase «to take care of» – given us a deeper understanding, and a wish to strive for exactly that – to take care of.

 To create a Wik & Walsøe porcelain product, there are approximately 60 pair of hands involved. This gives every single object its own story. If you look closely, you will find small differences in shape, colour or decor. This is because our production is highly manual. We could have chosen to produce our porcelain in another country, on another factory, where most of the production process is automated. There are many great factories like that. Maybe our products would be clear of the small differences. However, we have chosen to embrace these small beauty defects, that carries stories and moments from other people’s lives. To us, this contributes to give each product its own personal touch – like the snowflakes – where no one is exactly the same.

We can also share that in many of these products there are hidden stories of pride women and men, who work to create a safe future for their children.

For us, this is about taking care of those who surround us and those we surround ourselves with. «To take care» is a responsibility we all take part in, each in our own way.

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