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Our universe







Once upon a time...




... there were two Norwegian designers who had a vision of

creating a beautiful and inviting universe, inspired by Scandinavian

nature, culture and mythology.

They left their jobs in the design industry, and launched a

debut collection of beautiful porcelain to great admiration.

The design studio Wik & Walsøe was founded in 2006, and

we have since then established a strong and quality-conscious

voice within Nordic design.

Our products are sold all over our elongated country - from the

coast, to the mountains and fjords, but also in selected shops

around the world.












Our values and goals



We aim to develop and produce unique products which reflects

people, creates new memories and has sentimental and lasting value.

In the heart of Wik & Walsøe lies a strong connection to nature, to

quality and to everything what we hold dear.

Our core value is to create lasting products with the least possible

environmental impact. High quality and timeless design is therefore

important if we are to achieve for our products to inherit and live

on for a long time ...

We work with pure and natural materials, lead-free colors,

and chooses to work closely with skilled craftsmen, both in Europe

and Asia - artisans who share our values ​​and passion.

Today we, Wik & Walsøe, have a clear voice within the

Nordic design scene and can not be left out when talking

about Scandinavian design; a position we have worked hard

and long for, and which we every day work for to represent

with pride and to use for inspiring furthermore.



















Follow us into the forest


Follow us into the forest,

open your eyes, and your heart

to the magic,

the mysterious figures and shapes

that rises above you.


Admire the branches

which extends

against the sky,

and embraces the breath

from the Norwegian winter air.



to the beating pulse

from mother earth

and follow her rhythm

further into the forest.


Discover the beauty

of the natural

and creative playground.

Get inspired.