04. Feb, 2023

Gifts for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your mother that you appreciate her. We have collected some great gift ideas for those of you who need some inspiration for your Mother’s Day gift.

The most unique pieces

The glass vases in the Falla Unika series are mouth-blown and inspired by the shape of a drop of water that is about to release its roof from a leaf and begin its journey towards the ground. Some of the vases are translucent, others are white inside, like a frozen pond in winter. The vase’s beautiful shape means that it is equally decorative with or without flowers.

Each and every vase is completely unique – a unique gift for a unique mother.

Slåpeblom – a tribute to nature

The Slåpeblom tableware is designed by Wik & Walsøe’s founder, Linda Svedal Walsøe, together with her daughter Ylva Svedal Jørundland, and is inspired by a delicate growth that finally, after a long and cold winter, peeks out from dark, thorny twigs…

The products are burned in a way that gives each individual product a unique, visible color variation. The pattern is subtle and almost blurred – the uneven edge emphasizes the sense of craftsmanship. Pink, green, warm gray or blue – the four colors reflect today’s need for muted, calm and delicate shades.

The elf symbolizes dreams, hope and the belief in making the impossible possible.

The inspiration for the tableware is taken from magic, dreams and the beauty of nature. The porcelain is made from pure natural materials and is characterized by its whiteness, beautiful grainy glaze and pure sound.

The Alv tableware is the signature collection of Wik & Walsøe. It was first launched in 2007, and since then has become a favorite in many homes.

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