09. Oct, 2023

New traditions are being created at Malin Persson’s


With the bone china dinnerware Julemorgen, Wik & Walsøe share personal Christmas memories, all the while hoping to inspire new generations of Christmas traditions.

At the home of the always-inspiring TV personality Malin Persson, that’s exactly what she aims for – to establish new Christmas traditions that can be passed down with the Julemorgen dinnerware.

The Julemorgen Garland Plate is adorned with delicate hearts, snowflakes, and garlands that gracefully dance around the translucent bone china. These plates serve both the most exquisite Christmas dinners and everyday meals and can even be used to hold lit candles in the middle of the table on a cold winter evening.

Julemorgen boasts a nostalgic yet modern design, with the hope of inspiring new generations of Christmas traditions. Whether you set the table with lavish opulence or opt for a cleaner look, the Julemorgen dinnerware will add a beautiful and personal touch to your home.

“For me, Christmas is very much about recreating beautiful childhood memories, both for myself and, of course, passing on lovely memories to my children. My Christmas service ‘Julemorgen’ from Wik & Walsøe, I want it to be one of those memories. When it’s set with this beautiful bone china porcelain in the purest white, it’s a celebration!”

-Malin Persson

“One day, our children and grandchildren will inherit what surrounds us, so we must take good care of what we have. We should try to think as the farmer has always thought: you should leave what you have in better condition than what you received. We must manage what we have well so that we can pass it on to the next generation with pride.”

-Malin Persson

“I store my beautiful Christmas service with a small crocheted cloth between each plate to minimize the risk of the plates getting scratched and worn. I love the small actions that can make a big difference!”

Del gjerne dine Wik & Walsøe øyeblikk med oss på instagram @wikwalsoe #wikwalsoe #wikogwalsøe

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