16. Jan, 2023

Our Values


How can a small Scandinavian design studio help to change people’s attitudes towards what we surround ourselves with – is it even possible? For Wik & Walsøe, “caring for” is the most important thing we do.

For us, Scandinavian nature is the clean, the quiet and the untouched – and a part of our everyday life.

It is this nature that we want to take care of and manage well.

One day our children and grandchildren’s children will take over our everyday lives – it is our responsibility to pass on what we surround ourselves with, in a slightly better condition than we know it.

Whether you are setting the table for everyday life or a party, we want our porcelain to help create good conversations about the importance of protecting the nature of which we are all a part.

Beneath the surface lies a philosophy and a dream to make a difference and create products that can live for generations. It’s about us being dedicated to and having passion for our work, our process and our products. We create products inspired by the Scandinavian nature, which we really want to be part of the small moments of everyday life, now, but also in the future.

Wik & Walsøe is a Norwegian design studio that – inspired by and with deeply felt respect for the untamed Scandinavian nature – creates porcelain and glassware. The land and sea we only have on loan, which we must take care of and pass on to the next generation.

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