05. Oct, 2022

Slåpeblom behind the scenes


Join us behind the scenes as we design this spring’s novelty: a tableware inspired by Scandinavian nature, new generations lasting value.

Slåpeblom is designed by Wik & Walsøe’s founder, Linda Svedal Walsøe, together with her daughter Ylva Svedal Jørundland.

The craftsmen turn, cut and adjust forms in plaster which later will be used to shape the product you’re soon holding in your hands – what do you think it will be?

The new tableware is designed based on existing Wik & Walsøe shapes, but now with an uneven wavy edge that emphasizes the beautiful craftmanship. Do you see what product is being formed?

When new shapes are to be developed, we get the help of skilled craftsmen who magically transform our thoughts and ideas into reality. The liquid clay is filled into moulds, which will later be introduced to the fire and become the beautiful translucent bone china we are so proud of.

Slåpeblom’s design is inspired by a delicate growth that finally, after a long and cold winter, peeks out from dark, thorny twigs.

Who knew moulds could be so beautiful – do you see what the shapes are used for?

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