23. Nov, 2022

The personal gifts


Timeless design is the perfect gift.

Our products and designs are created to be mixed together, and allow you to have your own personal style, when you either invite home or enjoy your own company with a delicious cup of coffee.

Here we have compiled from the Lys and Julemorgen series.

Both Julemorgen and Lys sparkle beautifully on their own, but by putting them together, you can create your very own personal touch. Let them become part of the many small moments of everyday life.

Here we have put together a dinner plate from our Lys series, a water glass from the Julemorgen series as well as a Julemorgen Story tea cup.

Along the edge of the Lys products, small glittering gold dots dance in 24 carat gold, just as the reflective rays of the winter sun dance on the frozen snow. Under the decor you can see, and not least feel, the tiny flakes – as random as only nature can. Lys is elegant tableware that radiates dignity and elegance, and deserves a place in both festive and everyday occasions.

How do you create your very personal style?

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